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Course Title
PhD in Laser Processing of Fibre Reinforced Plastic Composites
PhD Studentship – Analysis and Quantitative Evaluation of Functionalised Nanoscale Silica
PhD Studentship - Chemistry-based Modelling of CO2 Corrosion in High Pressure High Temperature
PhD Studentship – Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatment to Enhance Joining Processes
PhD Studentship – Development of Netshape Hot Isostatic Pressing for Nickel Superalloys
PhD Studentship - Development of thermally stable ionic liquids with wide liquid windows for heat transfer applications
PhD Studentship - Effect of Insufficient Homogenisation of Pigmented Resin during the Extrusion of Polyethylene Pipes on the Mechanical Performance of Butt Fusion Joints
PhD Studentship - Quantitative Guided Wave Inspection in Complex Tubular Structures
PhD Studentship – Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium in welding fume
PhD Studentship - The Potential of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Friction Stir Channelling (FSCh) in the Design and Manufacture of Two-Phase Heat Exchangers
PhD Studentship - Ultrasonic Inspection of Austenitic Welds
PhD Studentship (Sponsored by Lloyd's Register Foundation) - Integrated embedded sensing for LNG Storage Containers
PhD Studentship (Sponsored by Lloyds Register Foundation) - Robustness of steel-framed offshore structures against fire and blast
PhD Studentship (Sponsored by Lloyds Register Foundation) –Structural Integrity and Qualification of 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel by Optimization of Additive Manufacturing Process Parameters
PhD Studentship (Sponsored by Lloyds Register Foundation) – Wire and arc additive manufacture for maritime constructions. Assessment of structural integrity and degradation in service environments