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Structural Integrity Research Foundation (SIRF)

Structural Integrity Research Foundation (SIRF)

SIRF launched in 2012 to provide a platform for strategic research and development initiatives, including the National Structural Integrity Research Centre. The Foundation is an industry-funded partnership, looking at engineering development across a range of industry sectors and tailoring a series of initiatives in response to commercial need.

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NSIRC will deliver

  • World-class engineers and scientists in Structural Integrity

  • Focused fundamental research (low TRL) directly linked to industrial (high TRL) development and deployment

  • Tailored engineering projects through leveraged funding

Scale of this initiative

  • A new,  purpose-built  facility specifically designed and equipped for research in the areas of structural integrity and product design – to be completed in March 2015

  • Investment of £150m over 10 years including up to £15m for new equipment

  • A target of 530 postgraduate students for the first 10 years of operation

  • Resourced by staff spanning industrial and academic disciplines


Benefits for SIRF industrial sponsors

  • Access to fundamental research to underpin their commercial operations

  • Pool of skilled postgraduates for future potential employment

  • Opportunity to undertake fundamental research work at a state-of-the-art unique facility dedicated to Structural Integrity

  • Seat on SIRF Board to form and direct Foundation policy on the development of:

  1. The technical focus and challenges SIRF will address through NSIRC

  2. The capital equipment inventory

  3. Core research programmes  

Key SIRF technology areas

  • Materials Properties

  1. Defect initiation, formation and growth

  2. Large-scale test

  3. Modelling and simulation

  • Loads and Stresses

  1. Prediction, calculation and modelling

  2. Fabrication and repair

  3. Environmental and mechanical

  • Damage Assessment

  1. NDT

  2. Condition monitoring

  3. Remote and intelligent sensors  

The elements of Structural Integrity

The elements of Structural Integrity